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Did You Know?
The Royal Albert Hall recorded the graph of Lataji's voice which is by far the Most Perfect in the World. Click Here For More

What Others Say!!
Asha B, Amitabh B, Kishore K, Shah Rukh, Raj Kapoor, Rekha, Madhuri D and many more.
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Life And Family
Her family & life, list of films which she produced, acted & composed music for

Rekha Actress Of The Month
Ageless Beauty Rekha, gets the Lifetime Achiev- ment Award
Duet & Solo List
A List of Some Lataji's Duets and Solos,with Lyrics Of Some Regional & Hindi Songs & Real Audio Links
What's New

Lataji's Vande Mataram ranks 2nd
in World's Favourite Song by BBC

Awards To The Lata Mangeshkar Site

New to Lata ??( Brief Profile)

VIDEO: Lata Remix-Hot R&B/Hip-Hop
Addictive By TRUTH HURTS

252 Lata Mobile Ringtones

Truth Hurts($500mn) Sued for Lata
Song by Saregama India

Humility Personified : Interview - I

On Bharat Ratna : Interview - II
Mangeshkar Hospital : Interview - III

Awards List
List of SOME of the Awards & Honours conferred to our Beloved Lata Didi
Lata Perfume
A Perfume selected by Lata Herself, capturing the magic that is Lata
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World's Largest Portrait
Mr. Uday Talwalkar made the Biggest Typewritten Portrait of Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Hospital
About Lata M Medical Foundation And Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital
Wallpapers & Amul Topicals
Lataji has been the favourite with Amul too, Check out the Lata Amul topicals & wallpapers
Social Service & Books On Lata
"I'd love to do more social service. Our hospital is a step in that direction." (More)
Lata Articles
A few Articles on the One & Only Lata Mangeshkar
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Favourite Songs
Here's looking at some of Lataji's favourites from 1948-2001 and why she likes them so immensely

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